Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Khwaabb : Hindi Film

Khwaabb : Hindi Film Details & Trailer
Khwaabb : Hindi Film Poster
Khwaabb is an Bollywood romance and drama film directer Zaid Ali Khan and producer Moraad Ali Khan under the banner of Bullseye
Productions. It starring actors Navdip Singh and Simar Motiani in the Main roles. Music of the film has been composer Sandeep Chowta and Sajjad Ali Chandwani. The film is released on 9 May 2014

Directer : Zaid Ali Khan
Producer : Moraad Ali Khan
Writter : Moraad Ali Khan
Starring : Navdip Singh,Simer Motiani
Music : Sandeep Chowta,Sajjad Ali Chandwani
Cinematography : Aharon Rothschild
Editer : Sejal Painter
Production company : Bullseye Productions
Release date : 9 May 2014
Running time : 101 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Khwaabb : Hindi Film Trailer

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