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Tehzeeb (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Tehzeeb Bollywood Flim :

Tehzeeb is a 2003 Indian drama film directer by Khalid Mohammed. It premiered on 21 November 2003. The film stars Shabana Azmi, Urmila Matondkar, Diya Mirza, Arjun Rampal and Rishi Kapoor in a special appearance. Urmila and Shabana were praised for their roles. It was inspired by Ingmar Bergman's Swedish drama Autumn Sonata (1978), and was dedicated to Bergman.

Directer : Khalid Mohammed
Producer : Paresh Talpade
Writter : Khalid Mohammed,Javed Siddiqui
Starring : Shabana Azmi,Urmila Matondkar,Arjun Rampal,Diya Mirza
Music : A. R. Rahman
Cinematography : Santosh Sivan
Edited : A. Sreekar Prasad
Release date : 21 November 2003
Running time : 143 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Talaash : The Hunt Begins... (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Talaash : The Hunt Begins... Bollywood Flim :

Talaash : The Hunt Begins... is an Indian Hindi action film starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in title roles. It is directer by Suneel Darshan and producer by Pahlaj Nihalani.

Directer : Suneel Darshan
Producer : Pahlaj Nihalani
Screenplay : Robin Bhatt
Story : Suneel Darshan
Starring : Akshay Kumar ,Kareena Kapoor
Music : Sanjeev Darshan
Cinematography : W. B. Rao
Edited : Sanjay Sankla
Distributed : Chiragdeep International
Release date : 3 January 2003
Running time : 159 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Stumped (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Stumped Bollywood Flim :

Stumped is a 2003 Bollywood sport/drama film written and directer by Gaurav Pandey and producer by Raveena Tandon.This film is a debut for Raveena as producer.[citation needed] Indian cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar had a cameo appearance in the film.Despite a notable promotional campaign, the film had little impact after its release.

Directer : Gaurav Pandey
Producer : Raveena Tandon
Writter : Gaurav Pandey
Starring : Alyy Khan,Raveena Tandon
Music : Pritam
Cinematography : Debu Deodhar                         
Edited : Sanjib Datta
Productioncompany : Reel Life Entertainment
Distributed : Shemaroo Entertainment
Release date : 16 May 2003 (India)
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Sssshhh... (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sssshhh... Bollywood Flim :

Sssshhh... is a 2003 Indian Hindi horror - suspense thriller film starring Karan Nath, Tanisha and Dino Morea in the lead roles. It is directed by Pawan Kaul and producer by Sunil Mehta and Prem Kishen. The music is directer by Anu Malik. The movie is heavily inspired from the 1996 Hollywood thriller Scream.The movie did average business. It is debut movie of actress Tanishaa Mukerji.

Directer : Pavan S. Kaul
Producer : Sunil Mehta
Writter : Arshad Ali Syed
Starring : Karan Nath,Dino Morea,Tanisha Mukherjee,Kushal Punjabi
Music : Anu Malik
Cinematography : Hiroo Keswani
Edited : Amit Saxena
Distributed : Cinevistaa Films
Release date : 24 October 2003
Running time : 142 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Satta (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Satta Bollywood Flim :

Satta is a 2003 Indian political drama film co-written and directer by Madhur Bhandarkar. It stars Raveena Tandon in the lead role and Atul Kulkarni, Govind Namdev and Sameer Dharmadhikari appear in the supporting roles.The film narrates the story of a persecuted wife of an greedy politician who takes on his role after he lands up in jail because of murder charges.Released on 7 February 2003, Satta received critical acclaim upon release and is considered one of the best performances of Tandon.The film was released on the same day as Khushi, Baaz: A Bird in Danger and Kash Aap Hamare Hote

Directer : Madhur Bhandarkar
Producer : Metalight Productions Pvt Ltd.
Writter :   Madhur Bhandarkar,Manoj Tyagi
Starring : Raveena Tandon,Sameer Dharmadhikari,Atul Kulkarni,Vipin Sharma
Music : Raju Singh
Cinematography : Madhu Rao
Edited : Deepak Wirkud
Release date : 7 February 2003 (India)
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Samay : When Time Strikes (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Samay : When Time Strikes Bollywood Flim :

Samay : When Time Strikes is a 2003 thriller movie starring Sushmita Sen and Sushant Singh. It was inspired by the Hollywood film Se7en starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

Directer : Robby Grewal
Screenplay : Robby Grewal,Sameer Kohli
Story : Robby Grewal,Sameer Kohli
Starring : Sushmita Sen,Jackie Shroff,Dinesh Lamba,Sushant Singh
Music : Sandeep Chowta
Cinematography : K. U. Mohanan
Edited : Aarif Shaikh
Distributed : iDream Productions
Release date : 10 October 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Saaya (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Saaya Bollywood Flim :

Saaya is a 2003 Indian Hindi supernatural fantasy film directer by Anurag Basu and producer by Mahesh Bhatt.

Directer : Anurag Basu
Producer : Mahesh Bhatt
Screenplay : Amol Shetge
Starring : John Abraham,Tara Sharma,Mahima Chaudhry
Music : Anu Malik,M. M. Keeravani,Raju Rao (background score)
Cinematography : Fuwad Khan
Distributed by : Vishesh Films
Release date : 4 July 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Rules : Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Rules : Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula Bollywood Flim :

Rules : Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula is a 2003 Indian Hindi romance comedy film directer by Parvati Balagopalan.

Directer : Parvati Balagopalan
Producer : Nirja Shah
Writter : Urmi Juvekar
Starring : Milind Soman,Tanuja,Meera Vasudevan,Namrata Barua,Raj Zutshi
Music : Vanraj Bhatia & Sandesh Shandilya
Cinematography : Chinmaya Khatri
Editer : Jyotsna Murthy
Release date : 5 September 2003
Country : India
Language : English

Raghu Romeo (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Raghu Romeo Bollywood Flim :

Raghu Romeo is a 2003 Bollywood film directer by Rajat Kapoor, starring Vijay Raaz, Sadiya Siddiqui, Maria Goretti, Manu Rishi and Saurabh Shukla. The film released on 15 August 2003 to critical acclaim but was a big commercial failure. Set in modern-day Mumbai, the film focuses on the life of a waiter working in a dance bar. The film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

Directer : Rajat Kapoor
Producer : Naseeruddin Shah,Narayan Hosmane
Writter : Rajat Kapoor,Saurabh Shukla
Starring : Vijay Raaz,Nishikant Dixit,Sadiya Siddiqui,Maria Goretti,Saurabh Shukla
Music : Pritam
Cinematography : Rafey Mehmood
Edited : Suresh Pai
Release date : 15 August 2003 (Locarno Film Festival),18 June 2004 (India)
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Qayamat : City Under Threat (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Qayamat : City Under Threat Bollywood Flim :

Qayamat : City Under Threat is a 2003 Indian Hindi romantic thriller film directer by Harry Baweja. It is a remake of the 1996 film The Rock. Neha Dhupia's voice was dubbed by dubbing artist Rajanika Ganguly Mukherjee as the director thought her voice did not suit her character perfectly.The film was a box office hit upon its release, providing Ajay Devgn with a hit after a series of unsuccessful films. The action scenes and story of the movie were so highly praised that the demand from fans for a sequel was quite high. The film completed 100 days on single screen theatres in Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal, Delhi and Ujjain. The Elphinston Jail of Mumbai copy describe in it was originally situated in Diu Island, Daman & Diu, U.T, India.

Directer : Harry Baweja
Producer : Pammi Baweja
Screenplay : Harry Baweja,Suparn Verma
Story : Harry Baweja
Starring : Ajay Devgn,Sunil Shetty,Sanjay Kapoor,Arbaaz Khan,Isha Koppikar,Riya Sen,Neha Dhupia,Aashish Chaudhary
Music : Nadeem-Shravan
Cinematography : Sanjay F. Gupta
Edited : Merzin Tavaria
Distributed : Baweja Movies
Release date : 11 July 2003
Running time  : 157 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Praan Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Praan Jaye Par Shaan Na Jaye Bollywood Film :

Praan Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye is a 2003 Bollywood black comedy film directer by Sanjay Jha which depicts various aspects of chawl culture in Mumbai. It was inspired by the Malayalam film Vietnam Colony. This film was co-produced by Raj Lalchandani, Mahesh Manjrekar, Asoo Nihlani and Sagoon Wagh. The film stars Aman Verma and Rinke Khanna in lead roles and features a huge supporting cast of Bollywood actors.

Directer : Sanjay Jha
Screenplay : Mahesh Manjrekar
Story : Sanjay Pawar
Starring : Aman Verma,Rinke Khanna
Narrated : Vijay Raaz,Sushmita Sen
Release date : 2 May 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi

The Pink Mirror (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

The Pink Mirror Bollywood Film :

The Pink Mirror, the Indian release title Gulabi Aaina is an award-winning Indian film drama producer and directer by Sridhar Rangayan. Said to be the first Indian film to comprehensively focus on Indian transsexuals with the entire story revolving around two transsexuals and a gay teenager's attempts to seduce a man – Samir (Rufy Baqal). The film explores the taboo subject of transsexuals in India which is still much misundersood and ridiculed.In 2003, the Central Board of Film Certification, the Indian Censor Board banned Rangayan's film on Indian transsexuals. The censor board cited that the film was 'vulgar and offensive'. The filmmaker appealed twice again unsuccessfully. The film still remains banned in India, but has screened at numerous festivals all over the world and won awards. The critics have applauded it for its 'sensitive and touching portrayal of marginalized community.

Directer : Sridhar Rangayan
Producer : Saagar Gupta
Writter : Sridhar Rangayan
Starring : Edwin Fernandes,Ramesh Menon,Deepak Sonavane,Rufy Baqal,Rishi Raj
Distributed : Solaris Pictures
Release date : 14 January 2006
Running time : 40 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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Pinjar (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Pinjar Bollywood Film :

Pinjar is a 2003 Indian period drama film directer by Chandraprakash Dwivedi. The movie is about the Hindu-Muslim problems during the partition of India. The film is based on a Punjabi novel of the same name, written by Amrita Pritam.Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee and Sanjay Suri are in the lead roles. Besides critical acclaim, the film also won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration.

Directer : Chandraprakash Dwivedi
Producer : 20th Century Fox
Screenplay  :Chandraprakash Dwivedi
Story : Amrita Pritam
Based : Pinjar by Amrita Pritam
Starring : Urmila Matondkar,Manoj Bajpayee,Sanjay Suri,Kulbhushan Kharbanda,Isha Koppikar,Farida Jalal,Sandali Sinha,Priyanshu Chatterjee
Music : Uttam Singh,Gulzar (lyrics)
Cinematography :Santosh Thundiyil
Edited : Ballu Saluja
Release date : 24 October 2003
Running time : 188 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi,Punjabi

Parwana (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Parwana Bollywood Film :

Parwana is a 2003 Indian action film directer by Deepak Bahry. The film stars Ajay Devgn as an orphan and Amisha Patel.

Directer : Deepak Bahry
Producer : Deepak Bahry
Writter :Tanveer Khan (dialogues)
Screenplay : Deepak Bahry
Story : Rajeev Kaul,Praful Parikh
Starring : Ajay Devgn,Amisha Patel
Music : Sanjeev Darshan
Cinematography : Damodar Naidu
Editer : Nasir Hakim Ansari
Productioncompany : Bahry Films
Release date : 12 September 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Out of Control (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Out of Control Bollywood Film :

Out of Control is a 2003 Hindi-language film which stars Riteish Deshmukh, Hrishitaa Bhatt and American actress and model Brande Roderick.

Directer : Apurva Asrani,Ramanjit Juneja
Producer : Vashu Bhagnani
Writter : Rakesh Bakshi
Starring : Riteish Deshmukh,Hrishitaa Bhatt,Brande Roderick
Music : Anand Raj Anand
Release date : 21 November 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi,Punjabi

Om (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Om Bollywood Film :

Om is a 2003 Indian bollywood action film directer by Ashoka Honda. It stars then-newcomer Attin Bhalla with Sandali Sinha, Pankaj Dheer and Sharat Saxena. 

Directer : Ashok Honda
Producer : Ashok Honda
Writter : Naeem-Ejaz
Starring : Attin Bhalla,Sandali Sinha,Pankaj Dheer,Sharat Saxena,Mukesh Rishi
Music : Amar Mohile
Edited : Ashok Honda
Release date : 21 March 2003 (India)
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Nayee Padosan (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Nayee Padosan Bollywood Film :

Nayee Padosan is a 2003 Bollywood comedy film directer by cinematographer B. H. Tharun Kumar and starring Mahek Chahal, Vikas Kalantri, Anuj Sawhney and Aslam Khan in lead roles. The movie is partially inspired the Tamil film Indru Poi Naalai Vaa and Chashme Buddoor. The movie was directorial debut for B.H Tharun Kumar and was a moderate success at the box office.

Directer : B.H. Tharun Kumar
Producer : Nitin Manmohan
Writter : Raghuveer Shekhawat(dialogues)
Story : Ikram Akhtar
Starring : Mahek Chahal,Anuj Sawhney,Rahul Bhat,Vikas Kalantri,Aslam Khan
Music : Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
Background Score : Surinder Sodhi
Cinematography : K. Rajkumar
Edited : Ravikumar
Productioncompany : Neha Arts
Release date : March 6, 2003
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Bollywood Film : 

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is a 2003 Indian comedy-drama film directer by Rajkumar Hirani and producer by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The story involves protagonist Munna Bhai (Sanjay Dutt), a goon, going to medical school. He is helped by his sidekick, Circuit (Arshad Warsi). It stars Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Jimmy Sheirgill, Gracy Singh, Boman Irani and Sunil Dutt and was later followed by a second film Lage Raho Munna Bhai, and became the first instalment of the Munna Bhai film series. Vidhu Vinod Chopra announced on 29 September 2016 that production on the third Munna Bhai film starring Dutt in the title role will begin in 2017.

Directer : Rajkumar Hirani
Producer : Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Screenplay : Vidhu Vinod Chopra,Rajkumar Hirani
Story : Rajkumar Hirani
Starring : Sunil Dutt,Sanjay Dutt,Gracy Singh,Arshad Warsi,Jimmy Sheirgill,Boman Irani
Music : Anu Malik
Background Score : Sanjay Wandrekar
Cinematography : Binod Pradhan
Edited : Pradeep Sarkar,Rajkumar Hirani
Distributed : Vinod Chopra Productions,Entertainment One
Release date : 19 December 2003
Running time : 156 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost Bollywood Film :

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost is a 2003 Bollywood movie starring Abhishek Bachchan, Lara Dutta & Chunky Pandey. The film is directer by Apoorva Lakhia. The film touched on the subject of influence of television on village life.

Directer : Apoorva Lakhia
Producer : Vishal Nihalani
Writter : Apoorva Lakhia
Starring : Abhishek Bachchan,Lara Dutta,Chunky Pandey
Narrated : Amitabh Bachchan
Music : Anu Malik, Ranjit Barot
Cinematography : R.J. Gururaj
Editer : Steven Bernard
Distributed : Rubberband Films
Release date : 22 August 2003
Running time : 147 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Mumbai Matinee (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Mumbai Matinee Bollywood Film :

Mumbai Matinee is a 2003 Bollywood romantic comedy film directer and written by Anant Balani and starring Rahul Bose as a 32-year-old virgin. The film premiered on 26 September 2003 and was also released in the UK. Director Anant Balani died before the film was released on 29 August 2003.

Directer : Anant Balani
Producer : Bobbie Ghosh,Rangita Pritish Nandy
Writter : Anant Balani
Starring : Rahul Bose,Perizaad Zorabian,Vijay Raaz,Saurabh Shukla
Music : Anand Raj Anand,Farhad Wadia
Cinematography : Sanjay Nair
Editer : Mohammed Rafique
Distributed : Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC)
Release date : 26 September 2003
Running time : 125 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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Matrubhoomi (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Matrubhoomi Bollywood Film :

Matrubhoomi : A Nation Without Women is a 2003 Indian film writter and directer by Manish Jha. The film examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. Its storyline bears some resemblance to real-life instances of gender imbalance and economics resulting in fraternal polyandry and bride buying in some parts of India.It depicts a future dystopia in an Indian village populated exclusively by males due to female infanticide over the years.

Directer : Manish Jha
Producer : Patrick Sobelman, Punkej Kharbanda
Writter : Manish Jha
Starring : Tulip Joshi, Sudhir Pandey, Piyush Mishra, Sushant Singh, Aditya Srivastava
Music : Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Cinematography : Venu Gopal
Edited : Ashmith Kunder, Shirish Kunder
Release date : 17 December 2003
Running time : 93 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Market (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Market Bollywood Film :

Market is a 2003 film directer by Jay Prakash and starring Manisha Koirala. The film follows the story of Muskaan Bano (Manisha Koirala) from her life in Indian brothels after being sold there by her Arab husband to her attempts at revenge later in life. The film garnered a decent opening and was a surprise success of the year. It was declared "average" at the box office.

Directer : Jay Prakash
Producer : Rama Adhikari,Atif Khan
Writter : Miraq Mirza,Arshad Sidhiq
Starring : Manisha Koirala,Suman Ranganathan, Aryan Vaid
Music : Jani Babu,Vaishno Deva,Altaf Raja
Cinematography : Thomas A. Xavier
Editer : Shabbir Ahmad Khan
Release date : 12 September 2003
Running time : 160 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon Bollywood Film :

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is a 2003 Indian Hindi romantic comedy drama film by Sooraj Barjatya and producer by Rajshri Productions. The film is a remake of the 1976 film Chitchor and features Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan in the lead roles. The movie had a worldwide release on 26 June 2003.

Directer : Sooraj Barjatya
Producer : Ajit Kumar Barjatya,Kamal Kumar Barjatya,Rajkumar Barjatya
Screenplay : Sooraj Barjatya
Story : Sooraj Barjatya,Subodh Ghosh
Starring : Hrithik Roshan,Abhishek Bachchan,Kareena Kapoor
Music : Anu Malik
Cinematography : Rajan Kinagi
Edited : Mukhtar Ahmed
Distributed : Rajshri Productions
Release date : 26 June 2003
Running time : 197 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon Bollywood Film :

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon is a 2003 Indian Hindi-language comedy drama film directer by Chandan Arora and producer by Ram Gopal Varma. The story follows a poor, uneducated woman (Antara Mali) who is a huge fan of famous Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit to the extent that she aspires to become the new Madhuri Dixit by attempting to join the Bollywood film industry. The film was shot in Mumbai, India.The film received decent reviews upon release, with critics praising the films direction.

Directer : Chandan Arora
Producer : Ram Gopal Varma,Marjorie Rodrigues
Writter : Mushi Ali
Story : Makrand Deshpande
Starring : Antara Mali,Rajpal Yadav
Music : Amar Mohile
Cinematography : Sanu Varghese
Edited : Amit Pawar
Productioncompany : RGV Films Pvt. Ltd.
Distributed by : Entertainment One Pvt. Ltd.RGV Films Pvt. Ltd.
Release date : 17 October 2003 (India)
Country : India
Language : Hindi

LOC Kargil (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

LOC Kargil Bollywood Film : 

LOC Kargil is 2003 Indian war drama film based on the Kargil War fought between India and Pakistan, producer and directer by J. P. Dutta under his J.P. Films Banner. Featuring a large number of Bollywood stars and music composed by Aadesh Shrivastava and Anu Malik, with the former composing the score and the latter composing the songs. The film recorded as average returns at the box-office.Upon release LOC received a mixed response critically and commercially. With a running time of 255 minutes, it is one of the longest Indian films ever made and fifth in terms of running time.The film is based on the 1999, Operation Vijay and Battle of Tololing around the Line of control.

Directer : J.P. Dutta
Producer : J.P. Dutta
Screenplay : J.P. Dutta
Story : J.P. Dutta
Based : Kargil War
Starring : Sanjay Dutt,Ajay Devgn,Karan Nath,Akkineni Nagarjuna,Saif Ali Khan,Sunil Shetty,Rani Mukerji,Kareena Kapoor,Esha Deol
Raveena Tandon,Preeti Jhangiani
Music : Aadesh Shrivastava
Songs : Anu Malik
Cinematography : Karim Khatri
Productioncompany : J P Films
Release date : 25 December 2003
Running time : 246 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Tehzeeb (2003-movie) : Hindi Flim

Tehzeeb Bollywood Flim : Tehzeeb is a 2003 Indian drama film directer by Khalid Mohammed. It premiered on 21 November 2003. The fi...