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Nyaydaata (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Nyaydaata Bollywood Flim :

Nyaydaata is a 1999 Bollywood film starring Dharmendra.Film Director is Vicky Ranawat, Writer is Sanjay Niranjan And Releasing on 18th June 1999. This Film disaster at box office and also known as a Bad Quality- B Grade Bollywood Film.

Director : Vicky Ranawat
Writers  : Sanjay Niranjan
Starring  : Dharmendra,Jaya Parda,Harish Patel,Ritu shivpuri,Mukesh Rishi,Tinnu Anand,Aparajita
Release date : June 18, 1999
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Nyaydaata Bollywood Flim Trailer :


Film Story : Nyaydaata :

Deputy Commissioner of Police single-handedly arrests a notorious gangster by the name of Jabbar, only to find out that Jabbar has used his political connections and got off prison without being charged for any offense. Jabbar threatens to kill Ram and his family (wife and a son), but Ram disregards his threats, only to get his son killed in a car bomb. Ram vows to avenge his son's death, but is unable to prove anything, gets frustrated, is reprimanded by his superiors, and ultimately ends up resigning from the police force.

Years later, Ram's brother, Rahul, is in love with a young woman named Ayesha, and both would like to get married. Ram goes to meet with Ayesha's dad, Jwala Prasad, and when he does so, recognizes him as the man who killed one Navinkumar. Ram threatens to expose Jwala, and has him arrested. What Ram does not know that Jwala is just another alias for Jabbar - the man who had killed his son years ago - and now Jabbar is all set to kill Ram and the rest of his family as well.

Song : Film Nyaydaata 1999 Film :

Bulla's Khullam Khulla Nritya : Mukesh Rishi’s Dance Of Death from Nyaaydaata

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