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Stanley Ka Dabba (2011) : Hindi Film

Stanley Ka Dabba  is a 2011 Hindi film writter, directer and producer is Amole Gupte, starring :  Divya Dutta, Partho Gupte (son of Amole Gupte), Divya Jagdale, Raj Zutshi, and Amole Gupte. The film was released on 13 May 2011.
Stanley (Partho Gupte) is a fourth grader at Holy Family school in Mumbai and is very popular among his friends. He is talented and well liked by his peers. The English teacher, Ms. Rosy, (Divya Dutta) is particularly impressed with his creativity, wit, and humour. Stanley is shown with a bruised face in the opening scene of the movie. On being questioned about it by Ms. Rosy, he concocts an elaborate story, much to her amusement. His humorous essays and offhand poem recitations make him her favourite in class. However his imagination is not always rewarded; his science teacher (Divya Jagdale) rebukes his attempt at constructing a light house as part of the class project since it does not adhere to the topics covered in class.

It is shown early on that he doesn't bring his lunch box or 'dabba' to school, unlike all his other classmates. Verma (Amole Gupte), is a ravenous Hindi teacher; a phagomaniac who does not bring his own dabba either but lusts after everyone else's, also stealing food on occasion. The kids at school nickname him as 'Khadoos' (cantankerous person). He has a poor reputation among his peers for his mindless and inconsiderate gluttony. He particularly eyes the dabba of one of Stanley's friends and shamelessly joins the group in class as soon as the lunch bell goes off to gorge on their food. A lot of his class time is spent discussing what his students brought for lunch.

Directer : Amole Gupte
Producer : Amole Gupte
Story by  : Amole Gupte
Starring : Divya Dutta
Partho Gupte
Divya Jagdale
Raj Zutshi
Amole Gupte
Music by Hitesh Sonik, Amole Gupte
Cinematographer  : Amol Gole
Edited by Deepa Bhatia
Distributed by : Fox Star Studios
Amole Gupte Cinema Pvt. Ltd.
Release date : 13 May 2011
Running time : 96 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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