Thursday, 1 November 2018

Halo (1996-movie) : Hindi Flim

Halo Bollywood Flim :

Halo Bollywood Flim

Halo is a 1996 Indian film directer Santosh Sivan. It tells the story of Sasha who is searching for her lost puppy in the streets of Mumbai and the variety of people that she meets.

Directer : Santosh Sivan
Producer : Children's Film Society, India
Writter : Santosh Sivan,Sanjay Chhel
Starring : Benaf Dadachandji, Bulang Raja, Viju Khote, Mukesh Rishi, Tinnu Anand
Music : Ranjit Barot
Cinematography : Santosh Sivan
Edited : Kanika Myer, Bhara J.
Release date : 7 February 1996
Running time : 92 min
Country : India

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